Tuesday, November 8, 2011


October was a busy month and went by way too fast. So starting with Halloween and going backwards here's how we spent it!

The girls had a fantastic Halloween party in their class and I got to help out!
Then that night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Lulu's (Krahenbuhl) for a festive dinner and trick or treating. My parents were out of town and it was the first time they hadn't been there with the kids for Halloween, but my brother came!
My little pink flamingo's and T-Rex!
The kids before we started
I think Bryce gets a dose of birth control every time I invite him along, but he always comes!
Jax and Jim were the other set of twins this year!
Baby Mason's first Halloween
We also had school field trips. Jax's went to Stu Miller's Pumpkin Patch on Eastern and had the whole place to themselves!

Jax and his best buddy Kayden riding the swings or should I say tubs?
Choo Choo time

The girls class got to go to Gilcrease Farms way and I mean way across town which I guess was good because they've been dying to ride the bus. It wasn't my favorite but I think they enjoyed it.
Our group
On the hay ride
And yet another visit to the pumpkin patch with the family
My dad turned 50 this month and so Brock and I threw him a surprise bash. For some reason whenever I host something I never take any pictures maybe it's because I'm running around like a crazy person? So these are really sorry excuses!
Moment of SURPRISE! I can't believe we actually got him! If you know my dad you know nothing ever gets past him, but we did it! YAY!
We hired a very talented midget to jump out of a cake and serenade him. I was a little worried about this, but it was actually really funny and entertaining!
We even hired a DJ!

My friend Jocelyn from Junior High and High School came in town from Colorado and we got Jax and Lucy together at the park and they got along really well and had a blast!
Well October is over and the holidays are fast approaching!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's Happenin

Here's what we've been up to the past few weeks!

Hailey & Peyton were visited by a policeman at school and were very excited to ride his motorcycle! This is part of Mrs. Consalo's career awareness. Look for a post in the future because we have Uncle Bryce coming on November 3rd!
Jax has 2 obsessions now: dinosaurs and TRACTORS! So one Friday Brock came and picked Jax up to go ride on a tractor at Uncle Boe's job site. He sat in there for 30 minutes strait and now every night we read his favorite book Tractors he points out which one Uncle Boe drives. Loves this kid!
So if you know my husband you know he gets something in his mind and will not stop until we've done whatever it is. Well this particular month it's been shooting (taking me and the girls shooting, getting new guns, etc.) So one fine Saturday we went to the shooting range and I have to say the girls were very excited until they heard how ear piercingly loud a gun is and then started the fears and tears. I was continuously and naggingly (sometimes don't know how he deals with me) telling Brock what a terrible idea this had been until it was my turn then something happened maybe it was my inner Nikita but I really got into it and would love to go back (don't tell Brock)! So watch out if an intruder breaks in I'll be able to take care of business! Ha!
Hailey shooting a rifle (this was really loud I didn't enjoy shooting it either)!
Peyton shooting our handgun
A cluster of chest shots or at least thats what I like to believe!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New York

I Love New York! I know this is a really long post but we did so many things I didn't know where to stop! The first thing we had to do when we got there even though it was close to midnight was go have Carnigie Deli and I had forgotten just how delicious their cheesecake was!
The view from our hotel room. We stayed in Times Square at the amazing Renissance
The first day we rode the double decker bus around and had lunch at Blue Ribbon Bakery! Yum!
We also saw How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe. I think we all loved it!
One of my treasures I found. It's a Brazilian designer so I just had to have it!
The Original Grimaldi's. I thought the pizza was about the same as the other Grimaldi's, but I have to say the atmosphere was what made it so fun. There's a line down the side walk and then you have the owner/manager coming out to yell at you every few minutes if your not following the rules! It cracked me up, probably because we weren't the ones in trouble!

After dinner we hopped on The Staten Island Ferry to get a quick glimpse of The Statue of Liberty at night. We actually were a lot closer then the picture portrays. I don't know why it made it look 12 miles away.
I really wanted to take a carriage ride through Central Park but we settled for a pedi-cab tour instead. We had very interesting chauffeurs and it ended pooring rain ten minutes into it so we were stuck in the thing for a good half hour before it finally let up, but we got a lot accomplished in those first 10 minutes!

The Today Show! So exciting I loved seeing how everything was ran and I did get to shake hands with Al Roker and Curtis Stone and see Natalie Moralis and 2 of the other newer anchors. It was definitely worth waking up at 1am Vegas time to wait in line!
We all really wanted to go to the New York Temple and I'm so glad we did because it was probably my favorite thing we did. We ended up getting a private tour from the Temple President and saw some of the prettiest artwork I've ever seen. He then recommended the best restaurant Pomodoro's.

I really wanted to see the new 9/11 memorial that opened this past 9/11 but to get tickets online it was a couple months out so luckily we found out that they give out 1100 tickets a day at the temporary 9/11 museum so we hopped on the subway to try and get some.
The new 9/11 tower
I don't have the words to describe what I was feeling being there, but it was definitely an emotional experience.

On the last day we saw Wicked! I love love love it and can't wait to take my girls when it comes here next year!
Thanks so much to my amazing mother-in-law for taking us on such a memorable trip! I had the best time with the best girls there wasn't one thing I didn't like I wish I was there now!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jax's 3rd

I CANNOT believe my baby boy is 3! I have to say I'm a little saddened by this it seems like just yesterday he looked like the picture below but now he's a big boy as he likes to point out frequently. Hailey asked me the day before his birthday if I was going to still carry him once he turns 3 and I said that I will carry him as long as he will let me or I am able and she replied well how come you don't carry me? Well....I didn't really have an answer to that!
We made waffles for breakfast and let Jax open his presents from us in the morning.
Jax has quite an obsession with dinosaurs right now (he can probably name 20 of them) so we did a dinosaur theme for his party.
Favor bags and safari hats
Dinosaur crossing
We dug for dinosaurs and made an erupting volcano for activities

I think his favorite thing about a birthday is blowing out the candles
Drinking Dino Milk
That night we had family over for Jax's favorites: Spaghetti and an M&M cake

Jax at 3:
He runs the house Brock and I quite often say under our breath "he's a stubborn s***"!
He can entertain himself for hours with the simplest things
He refuses to go poop in the potty
He has to read 2 books at naptime and 2 books at bedtime
He LOVES his sisters
He has to clean up what ever mess he's made before leaving the house (I'm afraid he's a little OCD)
He wants to go to preschool everyday
He's kind of a bully to his friends
He has an addiction to Juice, Chocolate Milk and M&M's
We just love our Jackers!